Re: Ap1200 / TheSkyX jog runaway

Mike Dodd

On 8/30/2018 11:38 AM, [ap-gto] wrote:
You can _always_ jog the mount with any device including the keypad,
ASCOM driver or other applications. A jog move does not change the entry
in the original GoTo program, it simply changes the position of the
mount. When you then do a Recal using the original entry from the SkyX,
you are telling the mount that this new centered position is now equal
to the original GoTo entry. This is the way _all_ mounts do Recal/Sync.

I hope that was clear.
Crystal clear (as I wish my sky was). Thank you very much. No need to use the TSC jog buttons, since I'll have the keypad in my hand as I peer into the finder scope.

--- Mike

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