Re: Ap1200 / TheSkyX jog runaway

Mike Dodd

On 8/29/2018 10:57 PM, [ap-gto] wrote:

The way the mount is controlled, an application (SkyX) sends a "Move"
command and then a "Quit-Move" command to stop the move when you let go
of the button. If the "Quit-Move" is not sent, or gets lost because of
bad connection from your computer to mount, then the mount will continue
to move as instructed. You might check your USB cable for bad connection.
The interface is RS-232 serial, not USB, but I'll check the connectors.

To me, it seems more likely TheSkyX is doing something bad, since the mount moved WEST (right) after an EAST (left) jog completed.

I'll post on the SkyX forum and see if anyone there can explain this odd behavior.

Thanks, Rolando.

-- Mike

Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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