Re: Can no longer connect to mount in The Sky 6 on my newer Win 10 laptop

Don Anderson

I don't think so but I will check again when I have time. Heading out of town for a week.

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> Hi Dale
> I haven't updated any of the serial to USB adapter drivers. I could try that. I don't think they are the problem though since I can connect to the mount and operate it fine through Maxim DL on the problem Win10 machine. I do have an older Win 10 desk top machine that hasn't been subjected to windows update since last winter. I might try it to see if that works. If it does, it probably is a windows problem. I will try it when I get time. Fortunately I still have my main Win 7 machine and an old Dell laptop with Win XP that I can use. Will report back.

Ok, you didn't mention anything about the adapter or the COM ports specifically so I figured I'd ask.

Could it be that the settings window is hidden or minimized after you open it in TheSky, and that's why you're not seeing it?


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