Re: waterproof case for 1600 mount

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Tony,
    Just curious ... why you want to spend more $$$ for specifically a “WATERPROOF” case. There isn’t much that can get water logged, the motors should be well sealed themselves, even if the mount drops into a lake ! After all, the mount stands out there, dripping wet. at the end of a dewy night.
    On the other hand ... the CP4 controller is an entire different story – early models don’t swim well, and their electronics could drown just on a night of heavy dew.
Much easier to remove the controller and put it in a ZIP lock sandwich bag, then into a pocket or normal luggage case, when travelling.
    Otherwise, a standard mount case,  will do fine, at lower cost. AP has some to offer.
I would go for a PELICAN, perhaps a model 1640, or maybe the slightly smaller 1620 might do if you check internal dimensions. These aren’t all that lightweight (40 lbs ?), so the luggage wheels and handle are really a necessity with the added weight of the mount, cwts. bar etc.,

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