Can no longer connect to mount in The Sky 6 on my newer Win 10 laptop

Don Anderson

Hello group. Not sure if anyone on this group can help here with this problem but here goes.
I have a new Win 10 laptop that I setup last fall as a backup to my main astro imaging rig run by a Win 7 Pro laptop. I haven't used my rig since last fall so I dragged it out to check it out. On the Win 10 laptop I have The Sky 6 configured to connect to my AP900 GOTO CP-3 mount using Telescope API to call the ap ascom driver. Everything worked fine last fall. When I tried to establish the link to the mount, I got an error message telling me I haven't configured a scope and mount. I then went into mount setup in The Sky, selected Telescope API, clicked on settings and selected the AP V2 Ascom driver in the Ascom choser then clicked on AP ASCOM V2 driver. However, nothing happens when I click on properties in the driver. I can't open the driver properties window.
The Sky 6 worked fine last fall on this machine. I know the Ap V2 driver works because I can connect to the mount in Maxim DL 6.11 just fine. I suspect it's an issue with Win 10 updates. Has anyone else run into this? All works fine with my Win7 and old XP laptops so I believe there are no hardware (cables,plugs,hub etc) issues.
Thanks for any help
Don A

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