Re: 1100GTO not holding polar alignment

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Stuart,
    Those Losmandy knobs are so large, that I could easily use a large “strap wrench” to tighten them down - hard.
    Seem to have held solidly, pretty well, untouched over the past decade, without needing any further adjustment. Originally, thought about replacing them with Losmandy lever handles, but was concerned that there would be less leverage than the strap wrench’s longer handle could provide – and might possibly break with the force I intended on applying to the levers. But certainly. the lever handles are better than knobs for manual lock down. I still feel the strap was even better, for me, for a permanent Losmandy setup. However, wouldn’t want to use it for frequent portable Losmandy HD tripod setups and take-downs.

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Those knobs are hopeless. Even greasing them they're still very tough to tighten enough to really hold still with a big load on top. 

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