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My Mach1 is a couple of years older than yours and has the CP3 controller. But I think it’s rather quiet while slewing – even at 1200x. My iOptron and Celestron Alt/Az mounts are much noisier. And then there are Mead Alt/Az mounts – they sound like coffee grinders.

My Tak EM-11 mount is much quieter, but it doesn’t slew nearly as fast as the Mach1.

Nobody at a star party has ever commented that my Mach1 is noisy – probably because they couldn’t hear it over all the other noisy mounts.


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Howdy boys and girls!

Last week I acquired a late 2015 Mach 1/CP4 that is in immaculate condition. I know the gentleman that I bought it from used it. I just can't prove it. There's nothing wrong with it, except one thing...

How much money in a GoFundMe campaign would it take to get a couple of slew speeds between 64x and 600x?? WHY is there such a speed difference? The two mount speeds seem to be screaming and creeping. I'm afraid to try 1200x -- I think the noise might shatter glass. The reason I ask is because I literally don't think I could take this mount to a campground in New Mexico without being met in the middle of the night by tent-dwellers carrying pitchforks and torches, which would not only ruin my night vision, but would probably hurt a bit. Isn't it quiet in Illinois at night? The dark campgrounds I go to around here are dead quiet at nig! ht, except for the occasional chupacabra. Aside from maybe using APCC (haven't looked into it, but don't really want to be using a laptop, big power supply, etc.) is there anything that can be done...other than large sums of money?

Other than this, nice mount! I was afraid not having the releasable gearboxes would be a problem, but the axes seem to be loose enough to get things balanced just fine. Big step up from my pusher GM-8. Of course, I've only been able to play with it in the living room. The mount is afraid of the thunder. NOW, this week, the monsoons decide to kick in.


Bob :)

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