Re: 1100GTO not holding polar alignment

Joe Zeglinski

    One other check – the Losmandy HD tripod head has “L-shaped slots“ for the  LT2APM adapter’s three mount attachment screws. Make sure that you give the seated mount a hard twist to lock it in,  after you drop it into the tripod, so that the three screws have slid to their extreme horizontal positions inside the three horizontal slot sections – and are not just sitting right under the insertion drop-in point (i.e. the vertical slot). Otherwise, the mount could shift up & down on one side, with slight changes in weight distribution during slews.
    If you haven’t done so, buy a set of those Losmandy Tripod Knobs (AP # LTKS) for the pier – they have a wider diameter grip surface onto the HD slot holes than AP’s screw heads, easier to tighten in the field, even with an Allan wrench (in later versions), if needed,   than the usual AP mount’s base screws which required a much thinner Allen wrench.
    When I used my AP-900,  carrying it to a field portable setup each time, setup was so much easier and quicker, if I left those three LTKS knobs “well-loosened”,  but still attached to the LT2APM. Didn’t need to keep threading in these tripod knobs every time - or worse, losing those original small AP mount base ring screws that they replaced.
Joe Z.

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