Re: First attempt at taking and correcting PE of new Mach1GTO

Cheng-Yang Tan

Yes, it's 3.5 cycles. I meant that the AP document 

says to do 3 and not 6.

I plan to do it again on with the updated PemPro the next clear night.


On Sunday, August 19, 2018, 9:07:32 PM CDT, stephenjwinston@... [ap-gto] wrote:


Hi Cytan,

Your PHD2 logs do indeed show a sampling rate of 1s, not the 4.5s shown in the PEMPro log - not sure why that is or if it is fixed o the new version of PEMPro Ray created.

The PHD2 logs do only show 3.5 cycles of captured data (28 minutes worth). What made you think yo were getting 6 cycles?

And BTW: the final PE seen in the GA run you did at the end of the night looks pretty good and seems to match your measured 1.5 arc-s.

Maybe Ray can clarify, but not clear what the impact of this incorrect tag that Ray fixed is - ig it was putting your PEC curve completely out of sync I'd be surprised that yuo ened up with 1.5 arc/s as the corrected result.

Anyway, seems that you should redo the measurements and PE creation using the updated version of PEMPro and see if it improves. 


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