Re: What is the best process to recover a lost mount and check if there was any damage?


Thanks Ray and Joe. I will follow up on those suggestions. 

Why the settings got wiped out - I have no clue - the computer is behind a UPS, but not the mount. 

Another thing - when I first initialized the mount, I had not copied the settings file from the back up and started it just like that - I had no clue that the settings file was gone (and only noticed it after I saw that the ports were not the same as before when I tried to connect - the only thing that was there was the site information), so I started the mount and initialized it. My guess is, the pointing model - because it was not there during the second time it was initialized - has something to do with this whole slewing issue. The Horizon/Meridian limits were not present, the pointing model was not there, PEM was not enabled, etc. At this point, i think it might be better for me to just start all over again. 

My observatory manager has once again put everything back to how it was before, but I believe it will be wise for me to go out there before I do anything to the mount. In any case, I have to re-cable the whole rig - so it might be better to wait and check on things personally. 

Once again, many thanks for all the suggestions. 

Thanks and CS!


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