Re: AP1100GTO + Pole Master

richard payne

You will need to change the 2  studs which you would screw a cable connector
to. Buttonhead allens will solve the problem. Richard

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A year ago a buddy in my dark sky site operation bought a Pole Master and matching adapter for his AP900GTO mount.  He was impressed with its ability to improve his polar alignment and he asked me if I wanted to try it with my AP1100GTO.   After verifying the threaded hole in the DEC housing of the 1100GTO was the same as the 900GTO, we installed it on my mount and performed a polar alignment that clearly improved my mount's alignment.

Since I image with multiple OTAs, I decided to purchase my own Pole Master from OPT a couple of weeks ago.  Last night, I went to my observatory to install it and run an alignment routine.  To my great surprise, the Pole Master unit would not fit even though the older model had.  The barrel of the Pole Master camera was just slightly too large to clear the 9 pin data connector on the bottom of the DEC motor housing.  Since the older one had fit, the new production units must be just a tiny bit larger in diameter.

My 1100GTO is one of the original models and not the newer mounts with the locking knobs.


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