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OK, I'll take a closer look. The driver saves configuration information in the sqlite database file "Settings.apdb". If you want to
browse the settings there are several free sqlite browsers aavailble. I use this one:

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Hi Dale,

Thanks for the log files! It looks like the problem was that the site name that was selected was not found in the
driver's site
database so it could not lookup a latitude/longitude value to set.

That was just what I found with a quick scan of the logs. If you think that should not have happened I will look a
little deeper to
see if I can figure out the specific site name it was trying to find.
It shouldn't have happened, as I configure the driver's list of sites via the Setup Telescope tool and was just using
this very same site (labeled "HALO") just moments before, prior to this kerfuffle. You'll see it specified in the driver
screenshot I linked in my earlier post. Strange.

Underneath the hood, does the Setup Telescope tool write out to an intermediary settings database (ini file, or
other?) that the ASCOM driver then reads from and sends the appropriate commands to the mount upon it starting
up? Could this file have been corrupted in some manner, perhaps?

Thanks for taking a look at this, though. I haven't been back out since that evening so I have no idea if the problem
will persist, but your explanation does shed light on why programming the location with the keypad worked when
doing it via the driver didn't.


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