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Joe Zeglinski

    Has this crash problem started only recently?
    That Win-10 major “Spring Update version 1803” has killed (one) app used on PC’s around the world, certainly by coincidence on three friend's systems where I installed it. Microsoft Win-10 Update continues to be notorious for affecting third party software drivers, even making some major manufacturer hardware accessories inoperative.
    It may be a stretch ... but check your Win-10 Settings, Security & Updates,  History section,  to see if this all started after your specific PC’s  “Install date” of the main 1803 Update ( not,  the Cumulative 1803 updates after that, which didn’t repair the damages). The affected component may not be specifically part of AP or CDC software, but interacts with them.

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Thanks very much for the reponses.
- The "Convert Syncs to Recals" option is checked
- If I run AP Jog separately from Windows, it is good.
- The Laptop was purchased specifically for this purpose and only has Astro Apps loaded.
I only run APCC and AP V2 then load CdC.
It is an MSI Laptop with an i7 processor, 8GB RAM
Solid State HDD for the OS and Apps; 1 TB HDD for Data
Windows 10
All fully patched
- In Task Manager nothing out of the ordinary
I should also mention that I have purchase PEMPro and it will load and run fine from the APCC button.
I will try this again tonight.

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