Re: APCC Questions

Darrell Betts

It seems that there is a big delay in my previous post turning up.  I hope it will eventually.  In summary, I will try again tonight and see what I can do.  Thanks.

But onto my next issue.  Meridian Flip.  I have set no Meridian Delay in AP V2, so I am running this as it was installed or "out of the box".

How long will the Mach1 track past the meridian before it will do a flip?  Last night, as I was packing up, I thought I would just track a star and watch a meridian flip. (Never let my previous mount do this.)  The star crossed the meridian and I let it go for nearly 25 minutes.  The Pier Side indicator changed to CwUP, and it kept on tracking.  After 25 minutes, I needed to get to bed, so I stopped the mount and did a park.  No flip.

I had expected that soon after the object crossed the meridian, say 5 minutes, the mount would have done the flip.  25 minutes doesn’t worry me, but it seems a long time.


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