APCC Questions

Darrell Betts

Hi All


I now have the Mach1 and APCC working, but I have several user questions.


I am using APCC with AP V2 Ascom and Cartes du Ciel.


After I have done the alignment and do a goto, I need to nudge the scope a bit.  I have tried the AP Jog button in the upper right corner of APCC, but that seems to cause my laptop to freeze.  I can find two other options.

There is the Move Scope group in APCC, and there are the Move Scope Controls in AP V2 ASCOM.  I am wondering which of these two do most people use. Is one preferred over the other?


Second, once I have nudged the scope I will need to do a Recal.  I understand the difference between Recal and Sync.  And I can do this using the KeyPad.  But how do I do a Recal from the laptop?  In CdC, there is a Sync option under the Telescope menu.  With my old EQ6, this is what I used.  With the Mach1 (GTOCP4) does anyone know if the Sync option in CdC will do a Sync or Recal?  Or should I use an option in APCC?





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