Help! AP1200 issues at remote observatory


Hello all,

I am not sure how to best describe what's going on, so please bear with me. 

A few nights ago, I had what I was told a catastrophic failure of my PC. Essentially, just about the time when I turned on APCC Pro, the computer somehow lost power - I am still trying to figure how why that happened - but that is besides the point right now. 

As a result of that power loss, something happened and I lost all settings in APCC and the mount, when the PC restarted, was lost. At this point, I had to call my observatory manager and ask him to put the mount in Park 3 position manually - which he did (I could confirm that because I was watching on the IP camera in the observatory). I tried to RCAL the mount, but it kept telling me that the mount was way off and I could not RCAL. As a result, I got the RA/DEC of where the mount was pointing and SYNC'd to that position (through APCC) and then parked it in Park 3 position. Everything was OK at this point. After that, I slewed the mount to M101 and it slewed there fine, I centered on M101 via plate solving and it was near perfect. I was able to image through the rest of the night on a couple of targets and it was working fine.

All this while, APCC had lost all my setting information, however, I was able to get that from a backed up version and reload it again.

Tonight, I again had M101 to image, which it started doing. At the end of the M101 sequence, I had planned on imaging NGC6960 - however, it did not slew to NGC6960 and I believe it hit the horizon limit and stopped tracking (at least I am hoping that is what happened). I am not sure if the scope hit the pier - looking through the observatory camera, everything looks OK - however, until I get a first hand report from my observatory manager tomorrow morning, I won't be sure. 

When I park the mount to Park 3 - it "seems" to park OK - although I do not think it is true Park 3 (pretty close, but not quite Park 3). 

I guess, I am at a loss, I am not sure what is going on and how to ensure I fix it. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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