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Even better! Nice work Bill. Interesting tip re the QHY16200A. Thanks for that too!


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Finally had a chance to get some more data.

At close to 6 hours now. The AP1100 has performed remarkably well. Last two sessions I was around 0.3-0.4" RMS guiding, using PEM Pro 3 for polar alignment. More to come when the OIII data kicks off.

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Hello all,

Wanted to share a project I finally have in flight. I swear troubleshooting (things unrelated to my mount) this summer has been such a time sink for me. Anyhow, here is the current state of the data:

Only 2 hours of HA data at this point. This was taken with a Tak TOA130 with its 0.7x reducer on it and a KAF16200-based QHY16200A camera. The lady is a fan of butterflies so, I figured I would get to working on this. Individual subs came out  very good at about 1.5px or roughly 2.5". Stars were about 0.4 eccentricity. the mount I used for this was the AP1100 using APCC Pro, but no pointing model (as APPM continually failed to solve even at the Zenith via Image Link, for some reason, and ANSVR/SGP takes way too long). I did use PEMPro to dial in the polar alignment though. Guiding in PHD2 was good at about 0.5" most of the night with some fluctuations. I used 3 second guide exposures and the minmo on the two axis was roughly set to about .45".  SGP was the capture software, and as always worked wonderfully (other than focus taking way too long).

Feel free to have a look. Hopefully the weather continues to stay nice so I can hammer away at the rest of the data. In the end it should be a SHO integration, which will look lovely. Maybe tonight I can get Image Link and APPM to play nicely. 😊

Take care and clear skies!


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