Re: First light with Mach1 - a query

Ron Kramer

Paul, try a blind/sync in SGP first.  (well polar align first) then move off the pole a ways and do a blind/sync.  This is usually much faster than the local plate solve search. This will sync the mount properly and then a plate solve using your local database will then be much faster.  From then on you can just do SGP - slew and center using platesolve2.  works GREAT for me, but after I mess with clutches or release the worm for balance - I then need to do another blind/sync to get back to normal.  Then plate solves and centering in SGP is pretty quick and extremely accurate. My targets always appear dead center.  Latley I've been getting .3x rms average with a 6" refractor and a 80mm refractor side by side.  I sometimes see .25 and sometimes .45 but 90% of the time I'm in the 0.3x range.  I love my Mach1 too.

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Sure. I was just after a way to quickly fix it without having to reset everything.

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