Re: Fist session with Mach1

Darrell Betts

Hi All

I have gone through the setup documentation again and yes, the issue is the COM port.  But I think the problem is with my laptop.

In my Device Manager I have no Ports listed.  There is actually no section titled "Ports (COM & LPT).  I have gone to Actions and tried to Add, but get nothing.  

In APCC, I have no ports listed, and I have tried to Refresh Ports.  Nothing, as expected.

When I was setting up APCC, I clicked on the magnifier, which showed one GTO.  I selected that and the IP address was automatically filled.

So I have to resolve the fact that there are no Comm ports in Device Manager.  I see that there are a few firmware and BIOS updates for the laptop.  I will download and install those and see if anything is fixed.  Its odd.  The laptop is less than one year old.

Thanks for the guidance so far.

Now, how do I edit the Subject Line?


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