Re: Remote AP observatory recommendations


Mike, I am glad that helped. I have magnetic switches that I've STILL not installed on my mounts and roof to add another layer of safety. 

Enough stuff still goes wrong that I'm glad I'm not always imaging "from away". I live on a farm and the observatories are about 200 yds behind the house. Not a big deal if I have to go trouble shoot something but by mid/late winter, I've had to put on snowshoes to get there and then it is "less fun" to head out into the dark to fix something. LOL!


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> Hey Mike. I have two cameras in my observatory. At opposite corners of
> the 10x14' roll-off. I use them to ensure all scopes are below the roof
> line before triggering the roof to close. I have been using Logitech
> C525 USB web cameras.

Thanks very much, Stuart. I bought one of these, and it does exactly
what I want. I added "Open" and "Closed" signs to the roof so I can tell
in the dark whether it's safe to move the scope.

I'm very glad to have this. Now if the sky would just clear....


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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