Re: Disengaging gears for fine balance

Christopher Erickson

Having all of the right information, at the right technical level and
organized to be found quickly for each user is always a challenge.

And unlike many astro manufacturers, AP products come with sophisticated
features, sophisticated manuals and no Big Red Buttons or training wheels.

Having an open-source, user community created & managed, web-based,
Wiki-style "AP super-manual" could be an interesting concept. A user goes
to a single AP Technical Support page on their PC/Tablet/Phone and
clicks/taps on the high-level menu of topics and then drills down to their
question and personal technical level. The deeper they go, the more
technical the information provided becomes.

I need to give that concept some more thought.

-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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C'mon Chris - which decade are we living in? :)

As previously auggested on this list, it would be better if AP had a website
or forum where all tvis information is readily available for people to find.
That way they wouldn't have to go searching each time these questions come

And if setting up and maintaining a custom forum is too much overhead then
AP could consider having a vendor specific forum on CN. That way the AP team
could communicate directly to usrs, while making use of the capabilities
that a real forum provides (e.g. have a sticky thread on mount balancing)

Suggesting that every new owner who wants to know the right procedure to
balance their mount should have to call or email Roland directly just isn't
productive for anyone involved.


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