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Hi Folks, This appeared tonight on CN:

"Setting up yesterday and generally playing, I have yet to try the fine balance by disengaging the gears. I am a bit nervous after reading all the warnings, as the axes with the clutches disengaged are still so stiff that I can't tell how close I am to balance i.e. I can move the 28 lbs of weights an inch along the counterweight shaft with little noticeable effect. What worries me is that I flip the lever and it goes spinning! Have you tried that yet?"

Since I am not on CN at this time, I cannot answer him or re-assure him.

First let me say that simply loosening the clutch knobs 1/2 to 1 turn will not fully disengage it, so you will not likely be able to do rough balance. You need to disengage the clutch by 3-4 turns until he knobs are quite loose. You should then be able to do a fairly good balance.

For disengaging the the gears, please first send the mount to Park3 position. Then start with Dec, hold on to the back of the scope with one hand and disengage the gear by turning the lever fully counterclockwise. In Park3 the scope won't swing wild even if it is out of balance. Now simply move the scope back and forth by 45 - 90 degrees to judge the balance and make your adjustment accordingly. Finally, place the scope back into Park 3 by lining up the marks and re-engage the gears by turning the lever fully clockwise.

Do the RA balance next in exactly the same sequence by again starting in Park 3 position and holding the scope or holding the counterweight shaft. Disengaging the RA lever will not cause the scope to swing wildly, especially if you start with the counterweights all the way down on the shaft.

If anyone here is on CN, please relay this info to this thread:


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