AP to buy Orion

ericj <ericj@...>

It was just announced that AP has decided to buy Orion Telescopes and
Binoculars for an undisclosed amount of cash, AP GTO mounts and OTA's.
Reportedly Orion will now become the sole distributor of all AP products,
including hats and T-shirts. Roland and Marj will become the President and
CEO respectively of the new company, which is to be named "AP & that other
Company that use to sell Telescopes and Binoculars". It will be a publicly
traded company on Dow Jones with the abbreviation "APO's_Is_Us". AP is
apparently considering buying a well known hamburger chain as well, so when
you call to order your scope or mount Christine will ask you "Would you like
fries with your Traveler"?

Okay, I made it all up. But, when flipping through a copy of the new Orion
catalog today I saw that they will be carrying AP's DigitalSky Voice
software. Congratulations to Roland, Marj, and Charles as this should really
increase the visibility and sales of this fine software.

If you can't tell by now we have had lots of clouds here lately so yes lack
of observing is starting to show ;-)...

And sorry for the cross post with the ap-ug but I know how inquiring minds
want to know...

Clear Ones,


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