1100GTO not holding polar alignment


The last few times I had my 1100 out I noticed the tracking was not doing as well. I would look into the RAPAS and compare it to my PolarAlign AP app and find that it moved from the PA position I set it when I initially setup. Usually about 10' off from the pole. I would then have to re-polar align the mount and re-calibrate the keypad. This didn't start happening until recently. I use a C14 so my total payload is 60 lbs with 60 lbs counterweights. My normal routine is after I completely assemble it I would put it in Park 2 position, polar align with RAPAS & app, tighten down the Alt & Az knobs by hand, then bring it back to Park 3 position for star sync. I know the RAPAS is well aligned to the RA axis I used PoleMaster on two separate occasions to get it just right. Is this something that can happen after prolonged use? Are there maitenance adjustments that need done to the mount? For now to ensure it stays aligned I use hex key wrenches to tighten the knobs as much as I can.


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