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Glad you figured that part out.

I’ve been using SkySafari Pro and various Android tablets and phones to control my Mach1 for years. Using Android, I used the wireless Bluetooth to serial adapter. When they came out with the SkyFi-III device which contains a built-in battery and works with both iOS and Android, I got one of those. But I still mostly use my old RN-270 Bluetooth to serial adapter. Love it for visual and my live astro-video public outreach events. Kids love seeing the mount and scope being controlled by a cell phone or tablet too. They relate to those devices much more than computers or hand-controls.


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Ooops! Like always, the moment I ASK the question I figure it out. I needed Skysafari PLUS. Sorry for the noise.


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I just downloaded it to my iPhone expecting to be able to control my AP900GTO / CP4 with my phone. I don't see anything remotely related to connecting to a telescope. Their website says it does it but then mentions two other products, SkyFi and Skywire that are not in the App store (Apple). Nice program for being outside I guess but the point was to control the scope. Help?


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