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Stuart Heggie <stuart.j.heggie@...>

Hey Mike. I have two cameras in my observatory. At opposite corners of the 10x14' roll-off. I use them to ensure all scopes are below the roof line before triggering the roof to close. I have been using Logitech C525 USB web cameras. They're cheap but have great quality for what I need. They also provide control to turn off the IR spray that most of these cameras have for low-light. No fun shining a bright IR light into an observatory while taking astro pics LOL.

The software that comes with it gives you tons of control over what and how you see through the camera. There is an option for "motion activation" but I don't use that.


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> I also have a Blink camera in there (Amazon) part of my alarm system. I
> can always take a snapshot to see where the roof and scope are, just in
> case.

I don't have a security system, so I'm looking for a camera I can use to
view the observatory interior 300 feet away from inside my house. The
observatory has wired Ethernet, and I can operate the PC there via
Windows Remote Desktop.

I see two options: An Ethernet camera viewable and controllable via a
Web browser, or a webcam connected to the observatory PC, and viewable
on that PC (and, by extension, on my office PC via Remote Desktop).

But I've run into snags:

1. Ethernet cameras don't seem to be capable of using Mozilla Firefox
for viewing and controlling. I called one manufacturer, and was told
outright that their cameras work only with Internet Explorer and Google
Chrome, not Firefox.

2. Current USB webcams appear to be designed specifically for online
video conferencing. I've asked several vendors if there is an
application I can open on the host computer to view the connected
camera's image. They all said no.

I admit I'm not up to speed on Skype and other online video
conferencing, so maybe there's no problem. I just don't know

Can anyone offer suggestions on how I can remotely view my observatory

Thanks in advance.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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