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Put me down for a copy Christopher!!!


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Boy, there is so much to say and so much information to provide!
A person could write a book about everything someone should know about designing, building, maintaining and automating reliable and effective observatories!
In fact someone is!
I am hoping to have it ready for publication next year.
22 chapters so far...
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I have an AP1200GTO with CP4 using APCC Pro.   I am moving my scope to a remote dark sky and am looking for a couple of recommendations to help minimize having to drive to the site to correct user errors.   First is a PC connected digital inclinometer to reset my park position in case I screw it up.   I will have a camera to get it close, but was thinking of getting a more accurate option.    Second,  power outage backups; as I understand iit if the mount loses power , it remember the location prior to power outage and will remember its location when power is restored but not start a backup I can set the horizon and meridian limits as a further backup in case tracking does continue.   I have a UPS that will provide power for a short time if main power fails.    It would nice if the system would notice it was on battery and would begin a shutdown sequence.  Currently the UPS sends me an email if on battery.    That works if I am on computer ,but if I have gone to bed, it won’ do any good.   I assume I would need some sort of high level script that monitors systems and works with mount and other components to change operations if needed.   Is there such a thing and can I even on the fly to change APCC with a  script.    APCC manual briefing discusses “Terminal”,   But doesn’t really talk about what it can do.    Last is mount losing connection to PC ports, looks like this is covered in APCC deadman timers, I assume and it is really that simple.   Any recommendations to those whom have done the truly remote observatory in areas would be appreciated.

Thanks dave


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