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Gregg Ruppel

I use an AP900 Just as you describe (remotely) with MaximDL and have rebooted the PC and/or restarted Maxim many times and the mount has always known right where it was.  I have always been able to park (at a custom Alt/Az position even).


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Motivation: Testing various “failure” scenarios for a remotely operated AP900.


1. Controlling remotely via Win 10 remote desktop.

2. Sequence Generator Pro control of AP900 mount  (CP3, latest chip) via ASCOM.

3. Mount is unparked, knows its position via plate solving and has successfully slewed to target.

4. Tracking and guiding are working fine, imaging target.


5. Suddenly the PC computer (not the CP3 computer) shuts down.

6. By accessing the Web Switch, control of the PC is reestablished.

7. SGP is used to connect successfully to the AP900, bringing up the AP ASCOM Screen.


Questions (perhaps stupid).

1. Does the scope still know where it is pointed? (CP3 has “kept up” even though PC computer control was lost)

2. Can I safely park after reestablishing contact?

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