Re: 1200 Coming--Need Advice

John J. Kasianowicz <surpher@...>

I helped Charles pack his car with the goodies that he brought to AstroFest
99. I was amazed how all that fine equipment fit neatly into his sedan.
There was even some room left over for a sandwich or two. In fact, I think I
spotted a year old chicken salmonella sandwich in the front passenger floor
area. ~8^)

Charles, drive carefully. Your equipment is worth more than most peoples'

Charles S. had easily put both his 1200GTO, and his AP 7.1" F-7 EDFin his
Pontiac Sunfire!Fit, and finish is also much better than the Losmandy
products also. It is truly a work of art!You will not be making a mistake, I
can assure you. Can't wait to getmine! Mark

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