Re: Things that customers do that drive me nuts on CN

Stephen Winston

>That is why I recommend using a short unguided Dec graph to determine the actual atmospheric motion peak value. 

Yep.  And that is exactly what PHD2 Guiding Assistant is doing (measuring seeing with DEC guiding disabled).

>Then set the MinMove to between 60 and 80% of that value. 

And this is where the PHD's recommendation greatly differs.  It is much more aggressive.  In my case it recommended a 0.20 px (0.6 arc seconds) MinMove with a reported peak DEC error of 3.71 arc seconds.  

Using your 60% rule would put my MinMove at 60% of 3.71 arc-s, or 0.75 px, instead of the 0.20 px PHD recommended.   I would say that 0.75 px is probably too pessimistic and something in the 0.30-0.40 range is probably more reasonable.

>I don't know how much more clear I can make this.
What you are saying is fully understood :).

As I previously mentioned to Bill and Wade, one of the outcomes of this will hopefully to get PHD2 to make more reasonable recommendations based on the Guiding Assistants measurements.

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