Re: 1200 Coming--Need Advice

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--- In ap-gto@..., "Wilson Beckett" <wwbeckett@e...> wrote:> "Hi Wilson, Was > thinking about your questions again today, and I kind ofwonderedwhy > you went with the 1200GTO as the mount of choice?"> > Hi Mark and Paul,> > Thanks for the replies. I think I will buy the 48in. pier and look > into the polar scope situation when I contact AP. I had trouble > deciding whether to order the 900 or 1200 mount. I decided to go> with > the big boy because I do hope to one day go up in scopes, perhaps > 'beyond' the likes of an AP 155, and I didn't want to have to wait> for > years to upgrade the mount. I may have bitten off more than I can > chew, but I look at this as my 'final' mount. So does my wife.> > Regards,> > Wilson Beckett Hi Wilson, I share your views exactly.I Previously owned the Losmandy HGM-200. A fine mount it was, butIMO, definitely not in the same league as the 1200QMD, or GTO. Afterlugging the cumbersome HGM around awhile, and then getting a taste atthe '99 Astrofest helping both Roland Christen. and Charles Sinsofskydisassemble, and experience the weight of the components firsthand, Iam totally amazed of how well the 1200 is constructed, and engineered.Much great thought was involved indeed! The individual componentsare relatively compact, and not as heavy as they look. (To me anyway) Much easier to handle,setup, and disassemble than the HGM-200. (Tome, it's a piece of cake) Charles S. had easily put both his 1200GTO, and his AP 7.1" F-7 EDFin his Pontiac Sunfire!Fit, and finish is also much better than the Losmandy products also. It is truly a work of art!You will not be making a mistake, I can assure you. Can't wait to getmine! Mark

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