Mach 1 computer systems

jon swanson

Hi All,

As I wait for my mount and OTA, I have a few months to piece together the odds and ends that are necessary (rings, focuser, guide scope, new laptop, etc.).  So I am on the programs part of the procurement cycle.  I am new to the imaging game so I have a few questions regarding software needed for the mount, AP, etc.  I figured I would go to the source(s)and ask you all the following questions:

1.  George explained the ASCOM to me so that is understood.

2.  For controlling the scope something like SkyX is needed?  Is this the best option if I am correct on this?

3.  Maxim DL is needed for the camera I believe?  And do I need another for the guide scope?

4.  Pixinsight I assume is for processing of images more than anything?  Is it critical for imaging?

Thanks for all your replies helping a noob in the AP world!


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