Re: AP1200 re-cal question

steven ho

George  sent me this link when I had questions about the SkyX and the ASCOM driver.

Please see:

steve hoffman

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> Mike, I think if you issued the slew from TheSky6 then in TheSky6 you
> would need to go to the tab where you sync on the object (after
> centering it). The ASCOM driver knows to convert sync commands from
> TheSky6 to RCAL in the mount (provided you check that box in the
> driver). In TheSkyX it is on the Telescope tab but I can't remember
> where it is in TheSky6.

Thanks, Stuart.

I'll look in TheSky6, and see if I can find it.

I have TheXkyX, and will install it on the observatory PC soon. Reading
the docs, it appears X has a native driver for AP mounts. Do I still
need the ASCOM driver if no other software (e.g., ACP) needs to talk to
the mount?

I assume I do if I want to use ACP again. So far, I'm not sure about that.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA


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