Re: Your ASCOM Driver does not report the mount type

Steve Reilly

How many programs are you trying to connect to the ASCOM driver? You are aware that the driver is only going to work on one program with it’s serial port. Now if you have APCC you can create virtual ports and use those to connect other programs or you need to connect to something like ACP and use ACP Telescope Hub. Hope this makes sense.




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Hello everyone,


Just set up maxim 6 and SkyX on new W10 machine. I would like to use the AP driver as I always did. Sky X connects well through the ASCOM option and then the driver. When trying to connect MAXIM to the driver I get this strange message "Your ASCOM driver does not report the mount type" and prompts me to select either Equatorial / German Equatorial / Altazimut. But whatever one selects it will not connect.


I am using driver version 5.09.09 and my mount is a GTO900 GTOCP3.


Can someone help solve this ? Is there something in the driver I should select so that Maxim can link ?


Thanks in advance,




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