Re: Pier Comment / Tripod Question

Paul Hyndman <pghyndman@...>

Hi All,

You might want to email or call Marj to clarify the availability of the
shorter 6" piers. Several weeks ago she mentioned that they were getting set
to cut the tubing and were going to accomodate the requests some of us had
for a shorter pier (minimum possible length is apparently 24", using the
shortest turn-buckles). She mentioned a possibility of shipping them around
the date you mentioned, but I don't know if they have any plans to make
these a regular catalog item or not... Marj?


Why do you want the 8"? If it's because the AP catalogue doesn't offer
the 24" and 32" models take heart ...... Marj told me that AP will be
offering the 24" and 32" in the 6" model before the end of May. If it's
because you want to use the accessory trays .... I can't offer any help

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