Re: Switch to inhibit motion


Craig, I wonder if a magnetic switche mounted on the roof and top of wall would do the trick. You'd set it so that the two halves of the magnetic switch have to be aligned for power to go to the mount. I'd set them so that they only line up when the roof is fully open. You'll probably have to hack into the power to the mount somehow and connect this in series with the switch.


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Tonight I smashed my AP155 on an AP1600 into the roof of my remote observatory. I've worried about this for a long time, but never found a good way to prevent the mount from moving when the roof was closed. Has anyone found a way to integrate a control signal into the AP1600 system to prevent slews unless the signal indicates a safe condition?I have a Foster Systems roof controller, which provides terminals that indicate whether the roof is open or closed- providing the necessary signal. But I've found no way to provide that signal to the GTOCP4.

I've attached an @Park monitor to my roof controller that can detect whether the telescope is in Park 3. So the roof won't move unless the telescope is parked. This prevents the roof from closing into the scope. But I need to cover the reverse scenario, preventing the scope from moving unless the roof is open.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have!


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