Pier Comment / Tripod Question


Chris Spratt wrote:

Does anyone know if there is an adapter which would allow one to use
the AP600 GTO on the AP 8" pier (not the 6")?

May 18th
Dear Chris--
Why do you want the 8"? If it's because the AP catalogue doesn't offer
the 24" and 32" models take heart ...... Marj told me that AP will be
offering the 24" and 32" in the 6" model before the end of May. If it's
because you want to use the accessory trays .... I can't offer any help

I also have a AP 600 GoTo mount and a AP Stowaway. The problem I'm
having is that the AP wood tripod is too tall for that short of a scope,
and I have to stand on a stool when looking through the binoviewer close
to the horizon.
I like the AP tripod because it is so well made and solid but I am
wondeing is there any way to get the height lower --- maybe by some kind
of extentions to the accessory tray so the legs will go out further? Has
anyone experienced this problem, and is there any solution you might be
aware of?

Thank You for your help!
Sincerely, Richard Lapides in California

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