Re: Beginning RAPAS question

Joe Zeglinski

    One thing I would add, in choosing a laptop – a LIGHTED KEYS keyboard,
I chose a simple (“inexpensive” I5 )  ASUS Q400 (white adjustable backlight key tops) for the scope side host laptop, and a similar ASUS lighted keyboard larger model for my in-house computer – a model G-75V – which is a  ROG gamer’s laptop as a client PC when using TeamViewer for remote access to the scope and its imaging.
    HP and MSI also have Lighted Keyboards, and some gaming laptops, like MSI, have red (or even tri-color selectable) backlighted keys. So using the keyboard in absolute darkness, doesn’t ruin your night vision. This comes in handy when you need to respond to apps  with text for file names etc. A small USB LED Desk lamp would also work, but that ruins your night vision and anyone else's in the party.
Worth checking out, to narrow down your laptop choices.
Joe Z.

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