Re: AP Keypad, sell it or not?

Mike Shade

Also, if you own a reflecting scope that needs collimation adjustments or checks, keypad is very useful. Plus if for some odd reason, your computer dies, you can still use the mount to some extent.

Keep the keypad, like a spare tire you will likely never need it but if you do, you will be pissed if you don't have one...

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Subject: [ap-gto] AP Keypad, sell it or not?

Hello Dear Community,

I hope somebody here can help me to decide in how to proceed with the following:

I purchased a AP Mach1 CP4 at the beginning of 2016 which has worked flawless so far. At that time I also purchased the GTO Keypad however, I just used it once during the initial setup of the mount. Since then, I've used a computer to control the mount via AP ASCOM V2 driver.

In this case, I am thinking in selling the keypad to fund other astronomical equipment. However, before doing this, may I ask to the community: Is there a case where I would need the keypad in the future?

I am fully mobile (so far) and just interested in astrophotography and as I said, I always use a computer to control the mount.

Thanks and clear skies,


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