Re: Differences in DEC Ascom and APCC screens

Chiri� R�my

Thank you Howard.

Only, I will be able to test these procedures sooner this week-end.

I will report to you after.

Still thank you again.


Le 8 mai 2018 à 20:20, howard@... [ap-gto] a écrit :


First off, if I remember correctly from our remote session, you are not in the latest versions of either APCC or the driver.  I would update to the latest as a first step
Second.  I have seen similar things a few times before, but it is not common.  Ray may want to clarify, but if I remember correctly, it is usually a timing issue that somehow gets out of hand.  Here are a couple things to try.
  1. If you can set the cursor refresh rate in your various programs (As you can in TheSkyX), set it to a slower rate.  This will help reduce COMS clutter and keep the buffers clear.
  2. If this happens, click the disconnect button for the driver at the bottom of the APCC main page.  Wait about 2 seconds, and then reconnect.  See if that clears the problem.
  3. If #2 doesn't work,
    1. Disconnect the telescope in the problem software
    2. Disconnect the Driver in APCC
    3. Disconnect the mount in APCC
    4. Wait 5 seconds
    5. Reconnect APCC
    6. Reconnect the Driver
    7. Reconnect the client software
Let me know if this helps.

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