Differences in DEC Ascom and APCC screens

Chiri� R�my


why is there a DEC  difference between AP V2 Ascom screen and APCC screen?

The coordinates read on APCC screen are right although false on AP V2 Ascom screen .

each movement in RA are right on APCC and Ascom screens , and on the map , BUT the DEC values are remaining at the same value on the Ascom screen and the CCD symbol is moving in a straight line.

That's the main reason to see the CCD symbol not at the right place but exactly at the DEC indicated on AP V2 Ascom screen…..Very difficult to use a planetarium to aim, slew and track. and using of the CCD frame to see what I want to image  precisely .

Do you have any ideas about the reason of this disturbance ?How  to fix it ?

Thank you

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