focusmax slew error...anything to be learned from APCC or AP-ASCOM logs


hi ray --

i am having an odd problem with focusmax. i know you didn't write focusmax but it relates to a slew command error that is happening ONLY the FIRST time i do a focus run.  when my session starts the scope is in park 1.  at the end of the first focus attemp, focusmax issues a command to slew back to it's pre-focus run position.  that's when there is an error.  a brief excerpt from the focusmax log is below

20:41:27  Focus position = 16517  Avg HFD =  5.84  Avg FWHM =  2.56

20:41:27  Temperature: -273.0  Filter: Lum (slot 4)

20:41:27  ** AutoFocus Completed **

20:41:27  Focus time: 190 sec

20:41:27  Performing return slew...

20:41:27     Slewing: 89.6768 degrees

20:41:27     RA: 23:04:12.4  Dec: +55:29:10.0 (Topo)

20:41:28  Telescope Slew failed on Trial 1

20:41:29  Telescope Slew failed on Trial 2

20:41:32  Telescope Slew failed on Trial 3

20:41:33  ** AcquireStar not completed **


i notice when this error occurs the return slew command is around 90+/- degrees (focus initiated from the park1 position).  in subsequent focus runs throughout the night, the return slew command is much, much smaller (<20deg) and there are never any problems.

i have looked at the APCC and AP ASCOM driver logs but i have no understanding of what i am looking at to see if there is a clue to the problem.  Steve Brady (focusmax) was wondering if it has something to do with my horizon limits (but i believe those dont impact GOTOs but only tracking below horizon limits - around 25deg)

the focusmax log excert from above is from 5_May_2018, local time 20:41:27-20:41:33 

i have a complete focusmax log file as well as APCC and AP ASCOM logs in zip file on dropbox that cover this time span of the focus run.  if you are able/willing to look at them i can make the dropbox link available to you.

thank you

Lee Buck

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