Re: Programming PEC for 1st time with PEMPro trial - comment and question

Joe Zeglinski

    I don’t relish looking through a log, to check if many points had been missed. An earlier quick view of the tally over even one or two cycles may lead me to not sit through hours running 6 to 10 cycles.
    How about (perhaps), plotting a small circle instead of a dot on the graph, to signify a missed time sample? But a box showing the missed point (per run/cycle) “real time” tally would be a more valuable,  warning of the futility of continuing a PEC run on that particular occasion, or the expected value of an imperfect result, based on a high error count.
    Thus far, lacking a Q-factor for the run, I have been taking it on faith that there were a sufficient number of “accurate” sample points to justify changing the present curve. An observation that a new PEC run has worse PE than the installed one, doesn’t dismiss the likelihood that this was caused by different seeing, or worse conditions, than  perhaps a mechanical change in the mount – either one is equally possible. Perhaps “averaging” or integrating curves across several nights, would be more accurate. So would doing the same for pier east side and west side runs. But, we don’t have a way of parsing out the gathered raw data curves into a common analysis file – or to average  “generated PEC result curves”, produced and saved over some longer period lasting weeks or even months. That might smooth out the changing conditions of each session.
    Just a thought, for future improvements. I’ll leave it at that.

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Hi Joe,

When a point fails it will not be shown in the graph but the log file will show a timestamp and error message.

The data points don’t have to line up at all, and local seeing including slow moving tube currents can produce unusual overlap patterns.

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