Older keypad version with CP4

Mike Shade

Was helping a fellow get his older (1994 maybe, it is one of the first ones) Mach-1 up and running.  He is running keypad version 4.12 but has a CP4 box.  Any reasons why this will not work properly?


And, as Arizona DOES NOT observe daylight savings time, set this setting to winter or summer?


We were having some degree of inaccuracy slewing across meridian, at this point I am putting this up to less than idea polar alignment...basically bore sighted on Polaris...


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Already, in the gathering dusk, a few of the stars are turning on their lights.

Vega, the brightest one, is now dropping towards the west.  Can it be half

a year since I watched her April rising in the east?  Low in the southwest

Antares blinks a sad farwell to fall...

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