Re: my 1600 mount loses pointing accuracy after PHD2 calibration


Hi Peter,

If I need to RCAL, I always use the keypad to slew to the star I'm going to use for the RCAL. I then center the star and use the keypad for the RCAL. This is also what I did last night.

Last night was typical of how set up for the evening. I turn on power to the mount, which then resumes from Park 3. Last night, since I was planning to use PHD, I plugged the mount's serial cable with the USB adapter into my laptop, and connected to the mount in PHD. I did not use my laptop to issue goto or RCAL commands to the mount. Only PHD was interacting with the mount. I then connected SkySafari to the mount. I used SkySafari for goto's. The only time I used the keypad for goto's was when I needed to do an RCAL.

SkySafari interoperates with the mount so that I can use either the keypad or SkySafari to move the mount, and the mount always knows where it is, and I can see it's position being updated in SkySafari. I've never had an issue with using both the keypad and SkySafari together. The only caveat is for RCAL as you mentioned, where it's important to use the hand control for both the goto and the RCAL.

I typically do not need to RCAL when resuming from Park 3. I only do an RCAL with the keypad if I need to update the centering (pointing) of the mount.  But I will take your suggestion to do an RCAL with the keypad before using PHD2.

I posted my issue to the PHD forum, and the response I got was that PHD would not cause the issue I experienced. I can pretty much rule out mechanical or optical train movement issues. So I will just have to see if I can reproduce the issue next time. Thanks.


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