Re: SIMULATION Run Playing back APCC logs

Joe Zeglinski

    Another benefit of my proposed “Run Log Replay”, is that it not only removes dependence on a customer’s claim of what he sort of remembers happened in the dark of night, it also removes the possibility of any electrical or program glitches where the mount’s command might have been misinterpreted.
    Replaying the run with the actual CPx controller – even a short specific and  critical segment of that log, in broad daylight, without any other apps (e.g. CCD, or planetarium program) feeding commands to the APCC/ASCOM during the retest, would allow the customer to repeat the suspected problem as proof, as many times as needed,  for himself or for AP tech support, rather than having hazy recollections or personal interpretations. Tech staff could also run the log “Live hardware STIMULATOR” ...  via remote login, for their own real time analysis, before needing the product returned.
    We can all stare at a text log and miss something less obvious. Watching a repeat of the run, would be more convincing.
The log rerun, using another PC,  perhaps with a different Windows version (old, or a new Microsoft update), might show up an OS, PC hardware or setup,  or comms driver conflict, between user’s computer systems.

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