Re: SIMULATION Run Playing back APCC logs

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks for your support on this idea,  Ray.
    Actually, since the ASCOM-V2 based Simulator only needs the date/time and the issued mount commands, I think that even an old version log could be fed into it, and then we can watch the 3D VIEW window, or the actual mount replicate all the motions. If there is a status or position confirmation in the log, this could also be compared to the actual re-run of the controller during the sim-run with real hardware. 
    Your real time log based replay, wouldn’t be hampered by “changes in log format” in future, or those logs from the distant the past.
    It might also be useful in checking that there are no surprises with compatibility with the so-called MEADE command set, if the log commands are fed to that actual (type) telescope, as proof during updates checkout, even perhaps just using ASCOM Device Simulator. The new AP extensions to the basic generic command set,  would likely just be ignored by THAT mount.
BTW: About that log format – is it possible to correctly identify the Windows Operating System, by checking some system variable?
I notice that some of my old ASCOM-V2 logs referenced Win-VISTA, when I never had one installed. Now, the logs say I am using Win-8 when in fact it is Win-10 PRO.
    I would think that having the log properly identify the correct OS, and perhaps even Build number, would help track down a problem that may be OS version & build number dependent, for someone with your expertise.
Keep on doing the terrific job you have been doing for us all. We appreciate it.

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Hi Joe,

That's an interesting idea! I'll talk it over with AP to see if that might be a feature they would like to have.

A few years back I created an APCC Log analysis tool but the log format has changed enough that it is probably not useful anymore.

Best regards,

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