Re: CP3 & CP4 - Last command persistence

Roland Christen

Neither the CP servo nor the handpad or other software sends commands to move after power cycling.

I suspect that you lost connection to the RA motor encoder. That would explain the runaway even after cycling power. Probably a Y cable break or bad connection.


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    Odd thing which unfortunately, sometimes happens – during a mount “runaway emergency”.
As it heads for the pier, in my panic I have been forced  to pull out the power cord powering the mount and  everything on the scope,  because even the APCC Emergency Stop button only works momentarily – it doesn’t seem to (always) do a full reset.
When I plug back in, with the PC still running during that crucial time, the mount resumes its last motion – perhaps a left over Pier Flip or Park slewing command,  to  “who-knows-where”.
    After plugging the mount back in, I have EVEN logged out of the Win-10 account during that brief shutdown,  just in case there is some unknown remnant TSR program still running in the background,  but even on the second and subsequent plugin attempts, the CPx refused to take the hint and simply quit repeating its last uncontrolled slew.
    That was a recent case when I closed SGP-PRO, nothing else seemed to be running ... except for an unexpected 200-degree mount slew in RA,  all the way back to the east, heading under the pier. Luckily ... and thank heavens (i.e. Ray) for the APCC  “3D View”,  when all went haywire, where I initially spotted the runaway and dashed to the scope.
    I’m still reviewing the APCC logs to explain what had happened during that confusing event, preparing myself to better handle the next such reoccurrence.
*** Question:
    If all apps & APCC driver have been TERMINATED, does the CP servo control still somehow “remember the errant command” ...  it received, (possibly stored internally),  from some application using the ASCOM-V2 driver?
If so, what is a safer way to reset and initialize the CPx controller back to the BASIC start-up state, and cease its trying to complete its destined train wreck?
    I suspect it is a CP hardware or firmware issue, rather than the APCC app.

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