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Ron Kramer

After finding a target and clicking on it in WWT. (it will go) click a inch left or right to center. I was able to move around the edge of the sun by clicking on it.
As to plate solving.  That's another program.  SGP  handles that and all automation.  Actually I havent' had to plate solve in quite some time. Once solved..the mach1
seems to stay accurate. I just point in WWT and there I pointed appears in my sub-frame.  I rotate the orientation in WWT with the onscreen controls. 
(only planetarium program I've seen allow this) that way I can sync with my camera angle/rotation.  

It also (when you click on a point) will load in photos others have taken that are on line of targets in the area you pointed. (well in the boundaries of the constellation). 
Click on a photo and it will go there and or ZOOM in and that photo will be auto placed IN THE SKY. 

The one thing that bothers me is I'd like to be able to zoom out more than it allows.  Not really a problem, but I often like to zoom to full sky to get my bearings. 
mouse wheel zooms in and out.   snow and ice today again - but this weekend is in the 60's (F) so I hope to get out there again soon.

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Woody, I'm with you. I use TSX exclusively for planetarium and imaging and I am very happy with it.

BTW - I'm pretty sure the PixInsight team intend to integrate telescope control soon and then people will have an option to do EVERYTHING in one program. Might be very cool. 


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There have been some complaints regarding TSX’s user interface and I agree it’s a bear to learn and not the one I’d prefer. But that said, once you figure out how to use it, it’s quite powerful and flexible.

I particularly like how easy it is to create custom FOV’s for your particular scope/camera/focal-reduction configurations. And you can even create complex FOV’s that contain not only the imaging FOV, but the off-axis guider’s FOV in the same FOV display. This way you can pre-select guide stars for the camera rotation you want.

It’s an expensive, hard-to-learn, but very flexible and powerful package. And it’s expandable as your equipment or skills or needs increase or change. Not for beginners or those looking for instant gratification. But a powerful and useful tool for advanced users.

And important for me, it’s a package very many imagers use. So it’s easy to pick the brains of fellow club members for tips, or follow along at advanced imaging workshops.


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I use The SkyX. Works very well for me for imaging. Features like plate solve etc help a lot. For visual, I use SkySafari5 Pro and connect it to APCC on PC using a simple TCP<->COM bridge. Works flawlessly. I have also tried connecting SkySafari to TheSkyX TCP client. It works partially. I guess this is only supported for Paramount.



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Hi, I was wondering what software AP users are using to control their mount through Windows. I'm using point to point wifi on a Mach1 with CP4 through my laptop.

Suggestions and experiences appreciated


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