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There have been some complaints regarding TSX’s user interface and I agree it’s a bear to learn and not the one I’d prefer. But that said, once you figure out how to use it, it’s quite powerful and flexible.

I particularly like how easy it is to create custom FOV’s for your particular scope/camera/focal-reduction configurations. And you can even create complex FOV’s that contain not only the imaging FOV, but the off-axis guider’s FOV in the same FOV display. This way you can pre-select guide stars for the camera rotation you want.

It’s an expensive, hard-to-learn, but very flexible and powerful package. And it’s expandable as your equipment or skills or needs increase or change. Not for beginners or those looking for instant gratification. But a powerful and useful tool for advanced users.

And important for me, it’s a package very many imagers use. So it’s easy to pick the brains of fellow club members for tips, or follow along at advanced imaging workshops.


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I use The SkyX. Works very well for me for imaging. Features like plate solve etc help a lot. For visual, I use SkySafari5 Pro and connect it to APCC on PC using a simple TCP<->COM bridge. Works flawlessly. I have also tried connecting SkySafari to TheSkyX TCP client. It works partially. I guess this is only supported for Paramount.



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Hi, I was wondering what software AP users are using to control their mount through Windows. I'm using point to point wifi on a Mach1 with CP4 through my laptop.

Suggestions and experiences appreciated


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